A year later, they meet again and discuss issues related to migration. Here are the words that the Chemin Neuf Political Fraternity addressed to Pope Francis during the audience of May 16, 2022, at the Vatican.

“Dearest Holy Father,

A year has passed since our last meeting. You invited us to come back to see you. It is therefore with deep gratitude that we are once again before you today. This time, some have crossed oceans, and we are happy to present ourselves before you with all the diversity of histories, cultures, languages ​​and Christian denominations that the Political Fraternity brings together.

Last year, we were deeply marked by your call to “not be afraid to travel the roads of fraternity and to build bridges between men”, and it is with this encouragement that several initiatives germinate and grow. in different places: in Budapest last summer, the Changemakers gathering allowed young people from all over Europe to meet while listening to the poorest of the neighborhood; in Burundi, we continue the work of dialogue and reconciliation, inspired by the testimony of the martyrs of the fraternity in Buta; in Brussels, we are committed to the European project, to promote its horizon of justice and fraternity between peoples; in France, several of us have chosen to live in a shared apartment in a disadvantaged district of Paris. These young people carry the desire to go humbly to the peripheries, and to make visible there “a poor Church with and for the poor, a Church going out”.

Through these experiences of encounter, we find the presence of Christ who “became flesh for us” and who “in his flesh overcame hatred”. We contemplate his work in the midst of the greatest misery, that of the world as well as that of our own infirmities. Thus, poor and humble, with hearts full of gratitude, we have the desire to continue to follow the Risen One, and also to bear witness to the hope that animates us.

Yet the Cross remains. The current crises often shake our hope and that of young people today. Our meeting here in recent days confronts us with the scandal of migrants forced to leave their country, and with the challenge of welcoming those who knock on our doors. Around us, we hear how much uncertainty and fear hinder the confidence of our generation in the future: the withdrawal of identity amazes us, anthropological and bioethical questions jostle us, immobility in the face of the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth revolts us, the war on our doorstep horrifies us and sends us back to our powerlessness… On these subjects which divide, question and weaken our humanity, our generation needs reference points, hope and wonder. We believe that the Holy Spirit is commensurate with the challenges of our time, and that each of these situations is an opportunity to bear witness to the hope of Christ.

This is why we present to you our Political Brotherhood and its desire to serve the world, to ask you to pray for us, and to send us where the madness of the Gospel needs to be carried.

Holy Father, you who urge us to “dare to dream”, we look forward to seeing you again in a year for WYD in Lisbon, with young people from all nations. We dream of it as a true testimony of peace. In consultation with the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, the Chemin Neuf community hopes to be able to help organize an ecumenical vigil there, a testimony of communion to bring Christ, Prince of Peace, to the world.

With all our gratitude, we assure you of our prayers for you and your apostolate. May the Spirit of God always inspire your ministry, and be your strength to lead the Church of Christ.

Giving thanks for your inspiring ministry, we assure you of our prayers. May the Holy Spirit give you again and always the strength and discernment to lead our Church.”