The Chemin-Neuf Political Fraternity brings together young people aged 18 to 35, from different countries and political cultures, motivated by the same passion for the common good and the poor, and eager to act in politics according to the heart of God.

The last few weeks have been marked by a context of extreme violence with the various attacks in France and Vienna. It seems important to us to react to these tragic and unacceptable events in order to share a path of hope.

In this context of multiple crises (health, social, political, economic, ecological), which further weaken our living together, we want to fight the temptation to withdraw into identity. More than ever, we are convinced that only solidarity, fraternity and dialogue will build the social friendship (1) to which all aspire.

United to the word of the Church today – in the last encyclical Fratelli Tutti (1) – we, young people of the Political Fraternity of Chemin-Neuf, launch an urgent appeal to fraternity.

Inspired by ecumenical dialogue and work for the unity of the Chemin Neuf community, we see the fruits of interfaith, inter-convictional and intercultural exchange. Guided by Christ and resolutely committed to the heart of the world, with everyone and not only among Christians, we want to incarnate this fraternity in action. Militants, elected officials, passionate about the Common Good, we seek by our choices to welcome and meet our brothers in humanity, to promote “this happy common belonging, from which we cannot escape: the fact of being brothers. “(2).

The manifesto (3) which unites us proclaims:

Because violence breeds violence,
Because we want to build bridges rather than walls,
We learn to forgive our enemies.
Because it is possible to live our disagreements peacefully,
Because meeting the other one
different makes us smarter,
We make our diversity a foundation of our fraternity.
Together, let’s make these words a reality


(1) cf Fratelli Tutti, Encyclical Letter Of the Holy Father Francis on Fraternity and Social Friendship

(2) Fratelli Tutti, §32

(3) Extracts from the Political Fraternity Manifesto (founding text proclaimed in 2016)